Facilities and Services

We’re a team of skilled professionals responsible for the strategic planning and operational management of Monash University’s infrastructure and related services. Our vision is to provide an outstanding environment for education and research that both fosters creativity and advances knowledge. We are committed to meeting your needs through listening, being responsive and continuous improvement.

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Campus Services

Handles the everyday services needed for the smooth running of a campus - cleaning and waste management, mail and courier delivery, travel and parking, pool vehicle hire and security.

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Capital Works

Provides buildings that complement our reputation as a world leader in research and teaching. Annually, the branch deals with a budget of around $100 million.

Maintenance and Minor Works

Maintenance deals, on average, with 35,000 jobs a year – and that’s nearly 700 every week! The Minor Works arm has an annual budget of approximately $16 million and completes an average 100 plus projects each year.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety team works with the University community to prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace. The team provides advice and guidance to ensure a proactive safety culture, together with a focus on preventative health and wellbeing programs.


Property and Venues

Manages leasing, selling and purchasing of the University’s investment properties. We also handle the Monash Conference Centre, Monash University Venues, the supply of food and beverage, and the Clayton Campus Centre

Strategic Planning and Development

Considers the long term appearance and development programs for the various campuses in accordance with master plans out to 2030. The branch is also responsible for the management and forward projection of space needs and the delivery of the current annual program of projects, through the Space Management Unit and Capital Works Branch respectively.

The Office of Environmental Sustainability

Undertakes a whole range of issues geared towards “Greening Up Our Act". These include building standards, reduction of energy use, the use of sustainable food, transport and renewable energy . Also tackles waste prevention, water conservation, green IT and green purchasing.